Open Education Licensing - Continuum


The Open Education Licensing research project investigated open educational practice in Australian higher education. The project has delivered the OEL Toolkit and additional practical resources to assist Australian higher education institutions in delivering open online education.


Case studies

The project team have developed case studies of Open Educational Practices (OEP) in a range of Australian Universities. Institutions were selected in order to illustrate examples of the differing approaches to OEP in Australia and are intended to highlight best practices as well as approaches that have proven less successful.

Charles Sturt University

CSU’s motivation to engage with OER is rooted in its operation as a university ‘for the public good’ which sees ‘collaboration’ as one of its underlying values.
Case-Study-CSU (pdf)

Queensland University of Technology

QUT has been a strong and long-time advocate for Open Access. Engaging in OER is a constructive next step. OER are seen as important components in providing flipped classroom experiences, and accommodating more flexible learning needs.
Case-Study-QUT (pdf)

University of Canberra

UC has a strong commitment to Open Access. Prof Nick Klomp, UC’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education), describes engaging with OERs as an opportunity to democratise education.
Case Study UC (pdf)

University of Southern Queensland

Access to USQ OER is via its Learning Object Repository (LOR), which allows both academic and professional USQ staff the opportunity to openly licence and share their teaching and learning materials. Some of these materials have already been repurposed and reused by other Australian and US universities, Australian TAFE Colleges, and open courses.
Case Study USQ (pdf)

Swinburne University of Technology

At Swinburne, OERs are regarded as leading to innovation, better practice, greater collaboration between academics, and ultimately less duplication of material.
Case Study SUT (pdf)

University of Tasmania

UTAS actively promotes the use of OER and OEP. This is reflected in its coherent policies, strategies and staff-faced communications.
Case Study UTAS (pdf)

The Continuum of Openness

The project team developed the following Continuum of openness to stimulate thoughts and generate discussion around open educational practices and business modelling to feed into our data collection and stakeholder interaction. Where does your open project sit on the continuum?

Click to download a PDF version of the continuum (400 Kb).