Effective open licensing policy and
practice for Australian universities

Project update

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  • July 18, 2016

Our Research page has been updated and now contains more information about recent developments in the OEL project, including about our survey results, toolkit development, and dissemination plans.

Analysis of the survey data and information gained from follow up interviews have now been incorporated into specifications for the OEL Toolkit. The finished toolkit will provide a naviagational structure for accessing information on OER licensing in the Australian higher education sector. By identifying the needs of academic and professional staff working with OER licensing, the toolkit will provide access to valuable, practical advice starting from the five nodes of the OER lifecycle: finding, using, making, sharing, and reviewing.

Find, Use, Make, Share, Review cycle of OER






Staff from the Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching (TILT), at the University of Tasmania, are currently well underway with the technical development of the toolkit. To gather input as the toolkit develops, we are holding a series of stakeholder workshops to demonstrate and seek critical input on the toolkit. The first workshop was held at Curtin university in Perth on 7 July 2016. Feedback from workshop participants will be used to refine the technical and informational aspects of the toolkit. The coming months will see further workshops around Australia, where more developed versions of the toolkit will be demonstrated.