Effective open licensing policy and
practice for Australian universities

Finding OER

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  • April 12, 2016

While looking for potential resources for the toolkit, which will incorporate as much relevant and appropriately licensed content as possible, we came across a useful series of modules for those who are beginning to learn about open educational resources and practices created by the Open Washington network. This video is a fun and brief introduction that incorporates a variety of perspectives on OER:

There are many web sites devoted to explaining open educational resources and practices to novices and we want to avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’ as much as possible in developing the toolkit. The strength of the open approach to creating teaching resources is that it allows you to adapt the best of what is available and add or adpat it to make what you need. But finding high quality content that is appropriate legally, not too geographically specific, is accurate and suits the tone of the toolkit we want to create can be a challenge, just like identifying appropriate resources for use in a classroom. There are many excellent resources available online for us to find, adapt, and share within the toolkit, but finding them can involve a lot of searching and evaluation to identify the most useful and appropriate content.